ACI Examinations

  Dealing Certificate
  Operations Certificate

Tailor-made courses:

  Foreign Exchange
  Interest Rates and Money Markets
  • Currency Options
  • FRAs and Futures
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  Structured Products
  Asset & Liability Management
  Principles of Risk
  Hedging and Risk Management
  Code of Conduct

NB: these subjects can be offered individually, or in
any combination as required

Exchange rate risk management for importers
and exporters

Risk profile assessment
Advising on hedging strategies

Treasury 'health check' for banks and corporates

Staff coaching and mentoring
Training needs
Skills gaps
MIS reporting

Examples of losses caused by failure to manage
exchange rate risk

  1. 'The Gherkin'
  2. Samsung
  3. Burberry
  4. Rolls-Royce
Wayne Andrews (Managing Director)
Treasury Tutor : ACI Examinations

ACI: The Financial Markets Association – Examinations

Since their first meeting in 1954, the Paris-based Association Cambiste Internationale ("ACI") has been recognised
asthe principal representative body for global foreign exchange and other related markets. Now known as 'ACI –
The Financial Markets Association', the organisation continues to monitor and represent the industry, focusing on
high standards of ethics, code of conduct and professionalism alongside their own suite of examinations,
which Treasury personnel worldwide are encouraged to sit.

ACI's Education Programme provides a globally acknowledged, portable, professional qualification for front,
middle and back office personnel. Successfully passing the examinations enhances career prospects, improves job
performance, and sets benchmarks within the industry. ACI regularly communicates with a wide range of national
regulators on the education and training of market participants. ACI also works closely with regulatory bodies in a
number of countries to ensure that global market standards, ACI's examinations and local regulatory requirements
are all closely aligned.

ACI Examination Suite:

ACI Dealing Certificate:

This exam is regarded as the benchmark for all Treasury staff, whether front, middle or back office. The syllabus
follows a 'the-least-you-need-to-know' approach, and tests a candidate's awareness of basic market products and
conventions, plus risk management and asset and liability management. There is also a Model Code section,
which examines a candidate's understanding of the ethical and professional requirements of a career in Treasury.

ACI Operations Certificate:

Efficient and accurate back-office and operations functions are essential to the running of any Treasury department.
This exam provides a benchmark for competency in all aspects of the operations process. The course is designed
for operations staff with at least 2 years of experience or other dealing room support areas, internal and external
auditors, compliance and risk officers, finance staff, product control and vendors.

ACI Diploma:

This is the most senior examination offered by ACI, and its syllabus reflects the experience needed to attempt it.
It builds on the ACI Dealing Certificate and the ACI Operations Certificate and is designed to ensure that candidates
acquire a superior theoretical and practical knowledge of the foreign exchange and money markets, their related
instruments, and the linkages that exist between those markets and the practice of risk management. A much higher
level of mathematical and technical ability is required (compared to the Dealing and Operations Certificates) and
is usually attempted only by staff who have already reached senior positions within the Treasury function of
their organisations.

We welcome enquiries either from individuals or from organisations seeking a training solution for their teams.
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Wayne Andrews, Managing Director of Treasury Tutor, has been delivering training courses for the ACI examinations since 1998,
and has taught in the UK, across the GCC/Middle East and in a number of African countries.

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