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Exchange rate risk management for importers
and exporters

Risk profile assessment
Advising on hedging strategies

Treasury 'health check' for banks and corporates

Staff coaching and mentoring
Training needs
Skills gaps
MIS reporting

Examples of losses caused by failure to manage
exchange rate risk

  1. 'The Gherkin'
  2. Samsung
  3. Burberry
  4. Rolls-Royce
Wayne Andrews (Managing Director)
Treasury Tutor : Foreign Exchange

The global foreign exchange ("FX") market amounts to trillions of dollars every day, with a wide range of participants actively buying and selling currencies across the globe. Among the most active are:

   Importers, whose purchases must be paid for in the manufacturer's domestic currency which must first be
      purchased in the FX market

   International investors, who must purchase foreign currency before they can invest in bonds, equities, etc,
      in another country

   Speculators, who buy and sell currencies in an attempt to generate profit for their employers or themselves

   Tourists, whose collective purchases of the currencies of their holiday destinations amount to billions every year

With so many different forces acting upon exchange rates on a continuous round-the-clock basis, it is not surprising
that it can lead to unpredictable and sometimes extreme volatility. For example, the value of one Euro (measured in
terms of US-dollars-per-Euro) fell by more than 20% in just four months between July and November 2008.
A company in the Eurozone wishing to import US goods would have faced a huge increase in the price of those
goods during that period of time. So what can be done to reduce or eliminate the risks inherent in the FX market?

One of the most important services offered by TREASURY TUTOR is to work with importers and exporters (and other
firms similarly affected) offering them impartial advice, gained during more than 35 years in the currency markets,
on hedging and managing the risks associated with adverse exchange rate movements. TREASURY TUTOR will
examine your company's exposures (currencies, amounts, dates, etc) and provide you with your ideal strategy for
dealing with these issues.

Remember: TREASURY TUTOR is independent of any bank or other financial services provider – Bank "A" will not
tell you when Bank "B" has a better product at a better price – but we will! Our mission is to provide you with the
perfect risk management solution, allowing you to carry on with your day-to-day business, unconcerned and
unaffected byexchange rate movements and volatility. To discuss your exchange rate risks, without obligation,
please click HERE.

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